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Welcome to The home of Neogeek Technical Services

Technical support and services for 
Residential diamond Small Business

Home image diamondWelcome to my humble abode on the web. Neogeek Technical Services is a solutions provider for residential and small business computer users. I will work with you to provide training, or service your computer at your home or business. I can service or troubleshoot your system at my home. I believe in providing high quality service at affordable rates.

Who we are

Neogeek Technical Services is represented by me, Jeff Greene, . I am an independent technicians. I will work in the metroplex (preferably Northeast Dallas and Collin County).

diamondIf you need answers to general technical questions, click on the knowledge base pages to find free answers. If you need more in depth help, please contact us for an appointment. You can reach me on my cell phone at 214-212-1761.

diamondI am located in Wolfe City, Texas. If you are in my local area, I can come to your home or office. Contact me if you have any questions about whether you are in driving range for me or not.

diamondOn site help will be available by appointment.  

Resource Links

diamond Linux Documentation Project

diamondThe Microsoft knowledge base

diamondThe website for the SuSE distribution of Linux

diamondIf you have any questions, contact Jeff Greene. Click my picture for a larger version:

Jeff Greene

diamondI have a Yahoo Group that is related to this site.

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If you are interested in viewing web sites with a WAP device, I have one emulator on my WAP page at WAP, and more links and emulators here.


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Jefferson Greene

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Good technical support is like a light in the darkness of computer despair.

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